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Adulthood: You bitch.

At what point in your life did you realise you're finally an adult? Adulting is a bitch. At times its silly, like days when I want my mom to make my dentist appointments or when I want her to explain to the doctor what's wrong with me. Then there times when adulting is overwhelming such… Continue reading Adulthood: You bitch.

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They said I'm too soft. I live with my heart on the outside. I'm made of flowers dripping with honey. The scent of newborn babies lifts my spirit. Strangers in love tug on my heart strings. I want to hug everyone, I kid you not. I cry, a lot. I. Feel. Everything. They told me… Continue reading Too.

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My Mother’s hair (For Pink October)

I have my Mother’s hair. Kinky, coarse, resilient to straighteners. My mother’s hair cannot be held down by pins, headbands, or snap-backs. No chemical solutions can separate her tightly woven coils. I have my Mother’s hair and it is a beauty to behold. Like me, it is stubborn, defiant, demanding of care and respect. My… Continue reading My Mother’s hair (For Pink October)



HEAR YOUR CITY was the theme of this year’s electrifying Shoko Festival held in Harare. “Shoko” is a festival of urban culture that features some of the best Zimbabwean talent and major international artists. The lineup this year featured 31 local and international artists that performed comedy, dance, poetry or music. B Street Dance Crew. Photo Credit:… Continue reading HEAR HARARE- SHOKO FESTIVAL 2015

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Zimbabwe Fashion Week

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Zimbabwe Fashion Week. It was a new and fun experience for me as I had never attended a fashion event of this magnitude. I must say I was a tad starstruck by all the shiny, pretty, fancy things. Check out my full review of fashion week… Continue reading Zimbabwe Fashion Week


My Mother’s hair

I have my Mother’s hair. Kinky, coarse, resilient to straighteners. My mother’s hair can not be held down by pins, headbands, or snapbacks. No chemical solutions can separate her tightly woven coils. My mother’s hair found its way to my scalp. And it grew wildly, bridging the space between my self-loathing definition of beauty and… Continue reading My Mother’s hair

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Yes, I know I’m unemployed.

Unemployment is tough, and sometimes you don't even want to get out of bed. But get up anyway, brush your teeth, then go back to sleep. But truly, unemployment is a mindfcuk. There's a level of psychological trauma that comes with it. You see people your age, or younger, growing more and more successful and… Continue reading Yes, I know I’m unemployed.



I'm not searching for my other half because I'm not a half. I'm not searching for a lover that loves me in parts. I'm not looking to fill up a lover's missing pieces. I am the sum of the parts I retrieved from past lovers. I am whole. Again. My desire is for another, whole.… Continue reading Whole