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The Ugly Fan 

For some reason, we only have one fan in our house. Out of a family of 7 people living in 5 bedrooms, we somehow ended up with just the one. It’s big, ugly, cumbersome to carry and broken so no one ever wants to move it around, keep it in their room, or in any… Continue reading The Ugly Fan 

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Stop in the Name of Chicken

I've been feeling strongly that I am in a season of cleansing. I didn't plan it, I found myself in it two weeks ago- between 3-5 am in the morning. I couldn't sleep that morning so on impulse I typed a list in my phone of things that I didn't want to do and be… Continue reading Stop in the Name of Chicken

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The Long and Short of it

A friend of mine likes to say life is not short, it's long, because there is nothing you can do that's longer than living. No matter what age you live up to, it will still be the longest you live; the longest you can ever know. To that I always ask what about people who die… Continue reading The Long and Short of it

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When Creativity is Elitist

I've been thinking about writing this post for a few weeks and in that time I read through different definitions of being a creative. One website said: "A creative is unique, someone who doesn't quite fit into any box. Some think of creatives as iconoclasts; others see them as rebels...A creative is a thought leader." An article… Continue reading When Creativity is Elitist

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The Balance between Privilege and Oppression

There is a very delicate balance between acknowledging your privilege and simultaneously being aware of your oppression. In any given situation it may happen that you are in a position to be both the oppressor, and the oppressed.  At any given time you could be powerful, within measure, and also powerless against the systems that… Continue reading The Balance between Privilege and Oppression

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Adulthood: You bitch.

At what point in your life did you realise you're finally an adult? Adulting is a bitch. At times its silly, like days when I want my mom to make my dentist appointments or when I want her to explain to the doctor what's wrong with me. Then there times when adulting is overwhelming such… Continue reading Adulthood: You bitch.

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What do you really love about me?

Here we go, yet another blog post on love. I know, I know. You've heard enough about love, but I'm gonna talk about it anyway because I can (I love you dear reader please don't leave me). I came across this tweet on International Women's day a couple of days ago. You can click through… Continue reading What do you really love about me?

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The honesty of self-love

  Let's be honest. Just how much do you love yourself? Put a number on it. Out of 10? Put a monetary figure on it if you like. If I wanted to buy your self-love for myself, how much would you charge me? How much is it worth? For the longest time I lived in… Continue reading The honesty of self-love

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Im sorry he hit you.

I don't know how to tell you this my friend. I don't know how to tell you that I failed you. I thought maybe if I wrote this, unplanned and not thought out, my thoughts would make sense. When he hit you the first time, I was angry. No that's an understatement. I was livid,… Continue reading Im sorry he hit you.

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They said I'm too soft. I live with my heart on the outside. I'm made of flowers dripping with honey. The scent of newborn babies lifts my spirit. Strangers in love tug on my heart strings. I want to hug everyone, I kid you not. I cry, a lot. I. Feel. Everything. They told me… Continue reading Too.