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They said I'm too soft. I live with my heart on the outside. I'm made of flowers dripping with honey. The scent of newborn babies lifts my spirit. Strangers in love tug on my heart strings. I want to hug everyone, I kid you not. I cry, a lot. I. Feel. Everything. They told me… Continue reading Too.

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The Other Girl Part 2

It's inevitable isn't it. I knew I'd end up alone. I knew he would go back to her. They always go back. I boasted of my independence. I didn't need to be attached. "I'm a free hoe," I always said. I laughed at my friends and their troubled relationships. "Not me, " I always said. I played… Continue reading The Other Girl Part 2

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With You 

With you.  With you everything is easy. Laughing is easy. Conversation is easy. You are the thing I never knew I needed. You are my happy place. You fit me in a way I never knew was possible. I never thought God could love me enough to create a being in His image that was… Continue reading With You 

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My Mother’s hair (For Pink October)

I have my Mother’s hair. Kinky, coarse, resilient to straighteners. My mother’s hair cannot be held down by pins, headbands, or snap-backs. No chemical solutions can separate her tightly woven coils. I have my Mother’s hair and it is a beauty to behold. Like me, it is stubborn, defiant, demanding of care and respect. My… Continue reading My Mother’s hair (For Pink October)



Its been a long time since I have desired time to stand still to pause In that one moment when I have grasped that broken fragment of heaven that is your smile But the beauty of beauty is that it is fleeting, doomed by time fragile to lay hold of it is to destroy it And I have asked for… Continue reading Ridiculous



I'm not searching for my other half because I'm not a half. I'm not searching for a lover that loves me in parts. I'm not looking to fill up a lover's missing pieces. I am the sum of the parts I retrieved from past lovers. I am whole. Again. My desire is for another, whole.… Continue reading Whole

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Nothing will ev…

Nothing will ever be enough for me...So I must become enough for myself.

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I know what I am worth and it will never be equal to the words that come out of your mouth to define me. I know what I am worth and it is not the limitations your imagined self importance places on me. I know what I am worth and baby, that is one thing… Continue reading More


Lonely in Love

"Stay away from lovers who only want you in parts, Legs open. Mouth closed. Beauty-full. Mind empty. Silence is a good look on you… No wonder your smile is their favorite feature. Beware of them.  Of lovers who love your lips but loathe your voice Their kisses come with possibilities of cutting your tongue away."… Continue reading Lonely in Love


Emotional Nutrition

“i will tell you, my daughter of your worth not your beauty everyday. (your beauty is a given. every being is born beautiful) knowing your worth can save your life. raising you on beauty alone, you will be starved. you will be raw. you will be weak. an easy stomach. always in need of someone… Continue reading Emotional Nutrition