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Chapter 2: Blackout

He beat me viciously. He was slapping me, punching me, and kicking me everywhere he could. I had bleeding cuts on my face. I was trying to find a way out but the only unlocked door close to me lead to the balcony and my only option would have been to jump to my death.… Continue reading Chapter 2: Blackout

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Chapter 1: Backstory

The first time he hit me was in public. I was at the passport office and it is a busy place, as you can imagine; with long queues winding from every counter and sweaty people gathered in stuffy waiting rooms. We had argued about something earlier. He called to ask where I was, and I… Continue reading Chapter 1: Backstory

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Adulthood: You bitch.

At what point in your life did you realise you're finally an adult? Adulting is a bitch. At times its silly, like days when I want my mom to make my dentist appointments or when I want her to explain to the doctor what's wrong with me. Then there times when adulting is overwhelming such… Continue reading Adulthood: You bitch.

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What do you really love about me?

Here we go, yet another blog post on love. I know, I know. You've heard enough about love, but I'm gonna talk about it anyway because I can (I love you dear reader please don't leave me). I came across this tweet on International Women's day a couple of days ago. You can click through… Continue reading What do you really love about me?

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The honesty of self-love

  Let's be honest. Just how much do you love yourself? Put a number on it. Out of 10? Put a monetary figure on it if you like. If I wanted to buy your self-love for myself, how much would you charge me? How much is it worth? For the longest time I lived in… Continue reading The honesty of self-love

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Im sorry he hit you.

I don't know how to tell you this my friend. I don't know how to tell you that I failed you. I thought maybe if I wrote this, unplanned and not thought out, my thoughts would make sense. When he hit you the first time, I was angry. No that's an understatement. I was livid,… Continue reading Im sorry he hit you.

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Of Situationships and Titles

If you're reading this, chances are you know someone that is currently in a "situationship", or maybe you are in one yourself. I say this because situationships seem to be the order of the day. Situationships are all around us, like Honda Fits on the streets of Harare. The exact definition of a situationship is… Continue reading Of Situationships and Titles

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Yes, I know I’m unemployed.

Unemployment is tough, and sometimes you don't even want to get out of bed. But get up anyway, brush your teeth, then go back to sleep. But truly, unemployment is a mindfcuk. There's a level of psychological trauma that comes with it. You see people your age, or younger, growing more and more successful and… Continue reading Yes, I know I’m unemployed.

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Occupation: Student..Oh wait.

Its been 54.5 hours, or 3,275 minutes, or 196,570 seconds (and counting) since I officially graduated from university. Most people that congratulated me asked "how does it feel?", and I gave them the same answer. Exactly the same. Nothing has changed. I lied. I flew back home today. I arrived 180.2 minutes ago (and counting).… Continue reading Occupation: Student..Oh wait.

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Woweee so much has happened since my last post. First off, I graduated!YAY! More about that later. Second, I moved back home to Zambia. I haven't lived in Zambia since 2003 so its been interesting and challenging in ways I didn't expect. I am still settling down, trying to find my feet. I do plan… Continue reading Update