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The honesty of self-love

  Let's be honest. Just how much do you love yourself? Put a number on it. Out of 10? Put a monetary figure on it if you like. If I wanted to buy your self-love for myself, how much would you charge me? How much is it worth? For the longest time I lived in… Continue reading The honesty of self-love


My Mother’s hair

I have my Mother’s hair. Kinky, coarse, resilient to straighteners. My mother’s hair can not be held down by pins, headbands, or snapbacks. No chemical solutions can separate her tightly woven coils. My mother’s hair found its way to my scalp. And it grew wildly, bridging the space between my self-loathing definition of beauty and… Continue reading My Mother’s hair

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An excerpt from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah (2013) "So three Black women in maybe two thousand pages of women’s magazines and all of them biracial or racially ambiguous, so they could be Indian or Puerto Rican or something. Not one of them is dark. Not one of them looks like me, so I can’t get clues… Continue reading Americanah

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I’d first like to say all women are beautiful from every nationality. This is nothing against any other nationality. I wish I could put your voice in jar, wait for those lonely winter nights when I forget what God sounds like, run to the nearest maximum security prison and open it. Watch the notes that bounce off the… Continue reading 10 THINGS I WANT SAY TO A BLACK WOMAN Joshua Bennett