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The Ugly Fan 

For some reason, we only have one fan in our house. Out of a family of 7 people living in 5 bedrooms, we somehow ended up with just the one. It’s big, ugly, cumbersome to carry and broken so no one ever wants to move it around, keep it in their room, or in any shared living spaces. It’s a real eyesore. Last year in the middle of winter I adopted the ugly fan and stashed it in a corner of my room. I claimed ownership of it and no one asked me why. I bet they were relieved that they didn’t have to look at it anymore. 

So why did I move the ugly fan to my room in the middle of winter? Because summer was coming. 

I like winter because I can always layer up to get warm. I’m the cuddle-up-next-to-a-fire-reading-a-book type of human. I also like winter because it’s so easy to dress up for work. Tights or stockings underneath my dresses, a scarf and a coat and I’m all set! Summer on the other hand… you can take your clothes off, but you can’t get anymore naked once you are naked. I’m constantly irritable in summer because I’m always uncomfortable. Bras feel tighter, boob sweat is at its worst and even toes get sticky! You can take three showers a day and still feel hot. Ugh it’s a lot. 

Back to the ugly fan. Summer is here and I’m on my bed with ugly fan keeping me sane. I’m pulling a life lesson out of this. Something about always being prepared even before your season of change comes. It’s something about not rushing through the season you’re in because it has its benefits (easier outfits for work) while you set up the things you’ll need in the next season (insert fan here).  It’s about being hands-on with the ugly tasks that no one wants but that will give you the slightest advantage. Most of the good things in my life so far happened by accident. But I was able to jump into them head on because I stayed ready. For me, staying ready meant intentionally and constantly working on myself, improving my skills, and fine-tuning my craft. You don’t need thousands of dollars (or bond notes) to improve yourself. Read something. Take an online course. Teach yourself a new skill that may come in handy one day. Google stuff you’re interested in. Stay ready. Because the best opportunities are usually brief and fleeting. They don’t stick around waiting for you to be prepared. 

It’s summer now. Finding acceptable and also comfortable work outfits is a pain and my bra feels like it’s digging deeper into my skin. But I come home and I’ve got my fan. And you know what, it makes things just a little bit better. 


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