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Weekends With Phro 1st – 2nd September

Hello my darlings and co-likers of things. Here I am with a quick wrap-up of what I got up to last weekend. Settle in and enjoy 🙂

Friday 1st Sept: MotoPOP – A Lunch Time Pop Up @Moto Republik

I love Moto Republik. Where else can one be blessed with a spiritual cocktail from MAR’s pop up bar , some dope sticky wings from De AnkarrA Chef and a fresh fade from Inno the Barber all in one lunch hour? Nowhere else. As in literally nowhere.  I spent my Friday afternoon surrounded by good company and comfort food. The Burger Boys (my absolute faves in the world of burgerdom) were also there but due to the sheer deliciousness of their burgers, by the time I got to the queue all their beef burgers had been demolished. It hurt, but I still love them though. Kudos to Moto Republik for always coming up with fun ideas to just chill, while supporting young creatives at the same time. It’s always a good time at Moto!

Saturday 2nd Sept: Breakfast @ NewsCafe Five Avenue

On Saturday my buddy in chow and I went for a quick breakfast at Newscafe and found out that they are running a $4 daily breakfast special- perfect timing. For 4 bucks you get a standard English breakfast, if you get there before 10 am. It is a good breakfast, nothing pretentious about it; it does the job and we were happy with it. We also ordered Eggs Benedict with spinach and feta and it was a solid meal. It would not be a complete Saturday breakfast without having one too many cocktails. Unfortunately I have no photos of them because I drank them really fast. Sorry.

Saturday 2nd Sept : VintageHippo Summer Sale @159 Greendale Ave



Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.06.01 PM
Credit: @VintageHippoZim on IG

The VintageHippo sale has become my monthly go-to shopping event. I wrote about it in my very first Weekends With Phro  post and I’m writing about it again because it is awesome and it doesn’t get too crowded which I like because shopping while surrounded by people makes me anxious. It was also a special half price edition and I got a free gift because I am a shopaholic  good customer. Yay me! I am so ready for summer and even more ready to pretend to be cool in my vintage outfits.


Wednesday 30th August Delhi Palace

As a bonus for not posting my reviews every weekend lately, I’m throwing in a restaurant review of the Delhi Palace at Borrowdale village. I love love love Indian food and the Delhi Palace delivered. I went there last week wednesday for a birthday dinner. We were waited on in an excellent manner; not too much that it was intrusive, and not too little that it got frustrating.

I honestly don’t remember the names of the dish I got because I just pointed at the menu and said “I want that”. It had chicken and potatoes though, so that’s something. We also ordered some non-spicy lamb chops which can be tricky because Indian food is synonymous with spicy but the waiters were gracious enough to make sure the meal had no spicyness and I appreciate that.

There you go folks. The weekend (and a Wednesday) that was. It was a fabulous weekend. What did you get up to? Tell me all about it in the comments 🙂 Also, if there is a restaurant or event you’d like me to cover/ review just let me know. I will gladly be your guinea pig.



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