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ZimGold Restaurant Week Recap

Hello LuvBugs,

In my last post, I promised one more restaurant review from ZimGold restaurant week. It’s a little late but I’m going to review Emmanuels’s restaurant and also give a brief recap on the restaurant week which ended yesterday.

Last week Tuesday I took my family to Emmanuel’s restaurant located on Josiah Chinamano Avenue. Emmanuel’s is fine dining at its best, and this was a unique experience for me, for I am but a simple lass who adores fried chicken in disposable containers. We were a team of five hungry tummies so I won’t comment on every dish because that’s a lot of work and I’m lazy.

Click on pics to enlarge

The food tasted as good as it looks. Infact my humble phone camera didn’t do the food justice.  I had the Ostrich Carpaccio with feta and beetroot as a starter. It was fresh, savoury, and delicious.

Ostrich Carpaccio: Ostrich cold meat with feta, beetroot and cornichon.Served with bitter leaves and vinaigrette

 For my main I had a luscious fillet steak with smoked garlic mash and cherry tomatoes and a whole bunch of other stuff. Beautiful steak. The mash could have used more garlic but that’s just because I’m addicted to garlic.

For dessert I had raspberry and chocolate chip cheesecake and lemon and syrup pudding. Life is for living so yes I had two desserts. The pudding was heavenly, divine, otherworldly. The cheesecake was not as good but it was smooth, full of flavor and melted in my mouth.

Emmanuel’s impressed me. It’s an expensive restaurant but you definitely get what you pay for in the food and excellent service. The service might actually be too good, to the point of being annoying. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like it when waiters/owners come to your table every 10 minutes asking if you’re okay. I just want to eat and take photos of my food in my peace. But I’m nitpicking. Overall it was a great experience. I loved that the restaurant is fancy but not pretentious. It’s a good place to “treat yoself”. I’ll rate the entire establishment 8/10. Bravo.

I enjoyed restaurant week. The selection of restaurants was balanced; from mid-level priced to fine dining, and inclusive of multiple cuisines. There really was something for everyone. My biggest issue was just that it wasn’t advertised enough. A number of people only heard about it because I was blogging about it. They could do better with spreading the news next time. And that next time will be in October. My mouth is watering  already!

Till next time luvbugs,



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