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ZimGold Restaurant Week: Alo Alo Restaurant

On Day 3 of restaurant week we went to Alo Alo, #10 Forest Road, behind Arundel village in Mount Pleasant. It’s a lovely restaurant and quite spacious with an indoor and outside seating area. We didn’t have a reservation so we had to sit in the outdoor section but they were kind enough to bring us our own small gas heater. They get extra points for that!




Their prices are higher than the other restaurants we have gone to, and I wasn’t excited about most of the dishes so we chose the two course menu.






Main Course

Surf n Turf : 6.5/10. The dish was unbalanced.  It had two pieces of steak which were supposed to be medium rare to well done, but instead we got one medium to well and the other was rare. The ratio of steak to starch was also off, it could have done with more potatoes. The redeeming elements of this dish were the prawns. Perfectly cooked.


Lake Harvest Kariba Bream: 8/10. When I ordered Lake Harvest Bream, the Zambian in me assumed I would get a large, fully intact fish as one usually gets back home but I was way off target. The “salsa” that came with the dish was a lie. It felt like the chef had been chopping onions and tomatoes for a stew and just threw the leftovers into a tiny bowl. Hard pass. On the good side, the fish was fresh and the flavours didn’t overpower the tastiness of the fish itself. It was stuffed with creamed onion and spinach so it was layers of yum. The mashed potatoes were perfectly creamy and buttery. I enjoyed the veggies on the plate too. Great dish.



Malva Pudding: 8/10 Caramelised Pineapple & Coconut Cream Cheese Cake: 5/10

The pudding was good; smooth texture, a tad sweet but the fresh cream balanced it out. Excellent dessert. The cheesecake was dense and solid. I don’t know if that was intentional, maybe some cheesecake recipes come out that way but and I prefer my cheesecake soft with a custard-like texture so I didn’t enjoy it.

If I was to describe our meals at Alo Alo in one word, I’d say they were busy. The whole restaurant is just extra. It’s not a bad thing; I have nothing against adding a little flair to your food, but just make sure the basics like balanced flavours and ratios are covered. Nevertheless Alo Alo has found a comfy spot in my heart, or stomach rather. I’ll definitely be back some day.

Tonight we will visit the last restaurant on my list because I’m broke now shem. The review will be up tomorrow evening. Stay frosty loves.



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