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ZimGold Restaurant Week: Mustard Seed Cafe

Hello Luvbugs,

As I mentioned in my last #WeekendsWithPhro post, I’ll be blogging about ZimGold Restaurant Week instead of my weekend reviews. Here’s my first review of the week.

I went to the Mustard Seed Cafe last night; located at #27 Ridgeway South, Highlands.

Mustard Seed restaurant week menu, broken down into 2 and 3 course meals for $14 and $18 respectively.


My person and I chose the 3 course meal and this is what we had and how we rated it:


Chunky Beef and Vegetable Soup: 6.5/10 – It was a good homey soup. That’s all. There was nothing special about it and that’s not bad. Good balance of seasoning, the veggies were prepared well, the beef was a little tough but we enjoyed it.

Bruschetta Con-Fungi aka mushroom on bread: 6/10- It’s easy to get button mushrooms wrong. You know when you bite into a mushroom and it’s just watery and bland? Ugh. Again this dish wasn’t special but the mushrooms were sauteed really well and salted to perfection and I appreciate that.


Main Course

Spare Rib Basket: 8/10- The ribs were on the slender side but coupled with the potato wedges it was quite filling. The ribs were soft and the right amount of sweet. Unfortunately the sauce that came with the ribs was too sugary. Still a good dish although I’d like to know what restaurants have against plates these days.


Beef Fillet: 9/10- This was the highlight of the night. Possibly the best cooked steak I have had in Harare. We ordered it Medium to Well and it actually was Medium to Well! This doesn’t happen often! It was tender, juicy, and flavored spectacularly. For a while we forgot to taste everything else on the plate because it was so good. The only thing I had against this dish is that the sauce had a dash too much pepper. But seriously, Bravo to the chef.



I chose this restaurant because they had Tiramisu on the menu. Sadly it wasn’t ready yet. The waiter told us that they chill their Tiramisu for at least ten hours so it was a nonstarter (get it, because it wasn’t a starter? haha! please laugh). So we ordered Strawberry Cheesecake 7/10 and the Chocolate Volcano: 8/10. The desserts were okay, by this time I was honestly too full to really taste the flavours. Also I’m not a big fan of desserts because they’re often too sweet for me but I was happy with these.

Wrapping it up, I liked the Mustard Seed. We were the only guests at that time and it seems like they don’t get many customers. The food is good, the service was excellent, and the decor is cute.  Their drinks are pricey ($3 for a glass of boxed apple juice) but they have the lowest prices during restaurant week. Pay them a visit if you please and let me know if you agree with my review 🙂

I’ll be back after my next restaurant visit.



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