BohoChicSA Giveaway

Hello folks!


I’m doing a quick weekend giveaway on Twitter in partnership with BohoChicSA.

BohoChicSA was founded by two young Black women trying to pay their way through university. All their garments are handmade and you can check out their full collection here.


Here are the rules for the giveaway:

  1. Must be following @phroetiq and @BohoChicSA on Twitter
  2. Must follow my blog > and share ANY of my blogposts on Twitter
  3. Use the hashtag #BohoChicSA on the blogpost you share
  4. Person with the most retweets by Sunday June 25th at 1pm wins

This giveaway is open to South Africa only for delivery purposes but I encourage you to share in support of their hustle and because their creations are cute AF! The winner will be announced on Sunday 25th June at 1:30 pm.

All the best.




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