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Weekends With Phro 17-18 June

An affair with chocolate, double roasted lamb, and a sticky green nightmare.

The Chocolate Affair @ Utano Restaurant – Saturday 17th June

I get excited when I hear about new events. I started Weekends with Phro partly because I needed a break from the usual weekend routine of going out for a drink, a bite, a dancefloor and going back home. If I am going to leave the comfort of my bedroom I’d prefer it to be for an event where *something* is happening that I can eat and drink alongside to, you feel me?

So the chocolate affair got me excited. The organisers promised chocolate fountains and chocolate exhibitions and tasting… They did not deliver. There was only one, (1), 1, ONE!, chocolate vendor with food. No chocolate fountains in sight. I was told other vendors cancelled at the last minute but I didn’t buy it. I know how unpredictable events can be but this played out as poor organising to me. How could they plan an event entirely dedicated to chocolate and only end up with one vendor? Hmmm.

This one vendor had brownies, and cupcakes which were yummy but not what I was expecting. Her table was more like a mini bake sale with bits of chocolate as edible decor on her baked goods. But I applaud her for showing up, I guess.


Nevertheless I grabbed a couple of brownies and moved on to the next vendor. They were selling all kinds of drinks infused with chocolate in one way or another. It was cute but nothing special. I had an Affogato which is essentially vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso. They added a shot of rum to it and yeah, it was basically just ice cream to be honest.


I stuck around for some form of redemption, something to make it worth my while and entrance fee. I was happily entertained by the Churchill Boys Marimba band. They played a number of local songs by Amara Brown and Winky D, and some Rhumba classics as well which was great. They were the highlight of the event by far.

We also had some beautiful spoken word poetry and live singers who all performed really well. All in all this was a good and refreshing event idea. I hope that whoever was responsible can execute better next time.

Sunday Family Lunch @ Sweetie’s – Sunday 18th June

Sunday lunch at Sweetie’s was delicious. Nothing much to explain here. We booked, we went, we ate. Their family lunches don’t happen every Sunday so be sure to check their facebook page for the next lunch and book in advance because it gets full quick. I booked this lunch two weeks before!


All you can eat menu (changes every time):

Sheep on a spit

Spit roasted chicken

Baby potatoes with garlic butter

Creamed spinach

Honeyed carrots


Gravy and Mint sauce

Pineapple and Coconut sponge

Paula’s Place Sunday 18th June

After a heavy lunch at Sweetie’s, I wanted something light for dinner. Paula’s Place along Glenara Avenue is my go-to when I want big portions of food for a fair price, particularly their divine pork chop and portuguese chicken special; ugh, It’s a beautiful thing. But I was lazy to drive far and this restaurant is just across the road from my house so I went there anyway even though I wasn’t that hungry. IMG_4826

I asked for the soup of the day which they told me was just “green soup”. I ignorantly assumed that meant pea soup, which I love, I was so wrong. They brought me soup made from regular ol’ greens from your garden. It had floating strings of spinach which kept getting stuck in my teeth, and I was confused about the whole idea behind the soup. I still am confused. It wasn’t bad. It was just… weird.

weird soup


In retrospect, Paula’s place is generally weird AF and so dark. The decor is borderline offensive. Maybe it’s just me but it looks like a they were going for a “Caribbean island with just a touch of slavery” look.

But those pork chops though….

We paid a total of $16 for soup and very many shots of Brandy. Weird vibes asides I would still recommend Paula’s place for big portions and value for your money. Maybe just don’t get the green soup.



That’s it for this week. Thank you all for reading and sharing. Don’t forget to send me recommendations or ideas of places you want me to review for you. Until next weekend.




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