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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 8: 5 Current Goals

In no particular order:

a. More sources of income that don’t necessarily require more hard work. I’d like to transition from a hard worker to a smart worker.

Credit: Adam Ian Stewart 

b. Learning how to save realistically. I usually save a fair amount and then I feel like I’m saving too much. Which makes me think I can spend more of it and I end up spending all of it. sarah_andersen_booksRinse and Repeat.

c. Sticking to something, anything. I lose interest so quickly. I get bored easily. I cant even stick to one hairdo for more than two weeks. I’m currently doing well on blogging regularly though so that’s a start.


d. Getting my teeth fixed. Does this count as a goal? I’ve been putting it off for years but it is time to put my big panties on and get on with it. Sigh, braces here I come.

Behold, my future.

e. Dressing up more. Getting my nails done professionally. Maybe ditching my sneakers now and then. Hobo Chic is a lifestyle but maybe it is time to switch it up 🙂

What are your current goals? Let me know 🙂





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