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Weekends With Phro 9-10 June

A prayer, a moonwalk, and an explanation.

Prayer Soul Acoustic Performance @Isu Collections – Friday 9th June

After a particularly draining week at employment, an acoustic “kumbaya-esq” evening sounded like all I needed from this life of sin. I had never listened to Prayer Soul, live or otherwise but my bff told me he was an amazing singer and she was right. Before I get into his entrancing vocals, let’s talk about the venue setup.

ISU Collections never disappoints when it comes to setting the mood. Handmade lanterns lit up the driveway, cushioned pallet couches were stacked around a blistering bonfire and the performance area was littered with bamboo Tiki torches. The mood was festive but cozy. It felt like a party in your backyard with your closest friends. This was the kind of event I’ve always wanted to see in Zim. Similar to MTV’s Unplugged where musicians strip off all the bells and whistles of their performances and just sing. And boy did PrayerSoul sing. He took us through the history, meaning and memories of his songs. He performed songs written by his 17 year old self who thought he knew everything about love and songs he created when he found his “Africanness”. I may have unintentionally found my wedding singer. To me, his voice is a mix of the huskiness of Macy Grey and the smooth tone of Somi. His performance was pure, his music is restorative and it was like listening to an intimate prayer.

80’s Retro Night @Tamasha Dining & Lounge Bar- Saturday 10th June

I’m a proud 90s child, but in many ways I am an old soul. My choice of music is one of those ways. Take a ride in my car and you will probably hear music from as far back to the 50s. I struggle to keep up with a lot of the popular current music. So an 80s retro night was a must for me, like totally.

Tamasha Bar (formerly Blue @ 2) is a modern and trendy space but I was disappointed by the decor or lack thereof. They didn’t even try to create an 80s feel. Something as simple as cd’s hanging from the ceiling, or a wall with LP covers from the 80’s, or cassette players would have made a big difference. If they couldn’t find or make any props they could have just added more colour to the space. But anyway, the dj was so great and the 80’s themed cocktails were a nice touch. I vaguely remember a Macarena and a Moonwalk cocktail, do not ask me what was in them, they were designed to make me forget and I did. There were lots of leather outfits and afros in the crowd which was awesome. People made the effort to dress up and that’s another reason why the organisers should have put more effort into the setup too. All in all a lot of positive vibes and enchantment were going around. It was a gnarly night, man.


Throwback to Vic Falls

 At the beginning of this post I told yall I had an explanation to make. I usually post three things I did during the weekend, but I got so sloshed at the 80s party. I spent the rest of the weekend recovering from the divine punishment of one too many cocktails. So instead I’m gonna post a few photos and a video of my trip to Victoria Falls this past May.

A quick Google search will tell you that Feb to May is the high water season of Victoria Falls; which means the volume of water tumbling over the falls is at its greatest. While this is the best time to visit if you ask me, it is not the best time for activities like swimming in the Devil’s Pool or rafting. It is far too dangerous because the water is at its highest and fastest. I had a fantastic and painful time there. Painful because we hiked down Batoka Gorge to get to the boiling point and I didn’t know it was humanly possible to feel such pain. I do not hike. I can barely walk up stairs. I was not prepared and frankly I was mad as hell that this happened to me. Honestly, unless you are reasonably fit, do not try this hike. On a happier note I finally conquered my fear of crossing the Vic Falls Bridge! Yay Me!

It was a breathtaking experience because I literally could not breathe after the hike, and also because Victoria Falls is truly and indescribably beautiful. If this isn’t on your bucket list already, add it.

Till next weekend my freaky darlings.



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