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Call for Nomination Submissions for The African Women Awards 2017

The African Women Association (AWA) is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the third edition of the African Women Awards. AWA would like to encourage everyone from all over Africa and the world to submit the name of an African woman who is phenomenal, ambitious, a game changer and a trend setter. Women are also encouraged to enter their own names. The closing date for nominations is 22nd July 2017. 

AWA aims to empower women to maximise their opportunities for self-actualisation through innovation and creativity. This platform endeavours to create a fresh brand of African women role models. 

Carol Nyazika and Lisa Chiriseri- Founders of AWA. Source: African Women Association

After hosting successful award ceremonies in 2015 and 2016, the AWA team is working on hosting yet another unforgettable evening for all the nominees and guests. The third edition of the prestigious award ceremony, founded by Carol Nyazika and Lisa Chiriseri, will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 4th of November 2017 at a venue to be confirmed.

‘The African Women Awards will be held in South Africa this year and next year. We aim to host the awards in a different country every two years to ensure that we celebrate each country on the continent and share the beauty with the rest of the world.’, says founder Carol Nyazika.

Please visit the AWA website for the nomination criteria. Nominations can only be submitted through the website. Shortlisted nominees will be announced in August in recognition of Women’s Month and tickets will be available from the 30th of August. Sponsorship or partnership opportunities are available and AWA encourages business owners to contact them for more information.

For any information or enquiries, please contact info@africanwomenawards.comFor media related enquiries, please contact


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