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Weekends With Phro 2 – 3 June

Hello and welcome to Weekends With Phro!

This weekend’s post includes a spa day for two, a mushroom soup discovery and a burger to live for. Shall we?

The Retreat Day Spa- Friday 2nd June

My person and I celebrated our one year anniversary last week. We stole an hour away from adulting and treated ourselves to a couple’s massage at the Retreat Day Spa. It’s a lovely little place, located at #27 Ridgeway South Highlands. It’s open 9 am – 8 pm Tuesday to Friday, and 9 am – 5 pm on Mondays and Saturdays. The spa has a good range of products on offer, all at reasonable prices (see pricelist below). Two full body Swedish massages cost us $30 each and that’s the lowest price I’ve paid for that type of massage in Harare.


Everything about our visit was fantastic. We were given a warm welcome and offered complimentary tea and coffee. The environment was clean, and calming. The lighting, background music and scent of the massage room were on point which showed attention to detail. The room had heaters too which was a big plus for my freezing naked bum. Our massage therapists were professional and knew their technique very well. My therapist in particular really put me at ease. As relaxing and healthy as a massage is, at the end of the day you are still fully aware that a stranger is touching your naked body. Any insecurities you have about your body may come to the surface and you end up being too self-conscious to enjoy it. That is why it is crucial to have a therapist who focuses entirely on you and your comfort. I’m happy to say I got that from my therapist. This quickly became my favorite spa in harare and I highly recommend it.

                                         Photos taken after the massage hence the mess 🙂

Piccobello Restaurant- Friday 2nd June

Do you have one dish or beverage that you rate a restaurant by? For me its fresh mango juice and mushroom soup; I’m not sure why. On this particular wintery night I was on the hunt for soup. Piccobello Restaurant is really close to my house so my partner in munch and I headed over there and we were not disappointed; in terms of food that is. The restaurant itself felt a little depressing. Maybe that’s because it was almost empty but either way the main attraction was this soup. It didn’t look the prettiest- mushroom soup rarely does, but my word it was all the yums. A good ol’ mushroom soup is comforting, rich, creamy,  and well, mushroomy. And that is what I got from Piccobello. It was simple, hearty and pleased my tastebuds very much. We also ordered a portion of Nachos and a trio of shredded beef soft tortillas, and mojitos to drink. The shredded beef was good, but the tortilla chips were burned and unchewable. Everything we ordered ranged from 5-7 dollars, drinks included. Weird ambiance and burnt nachos aside, I’d still go back for that soup. Picobello is at #47 Glenara Avenue North, Highlands and is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am – 11 pm.

IMG_3914 2IMG_3908 2IMG_3912IMG_3919 2IMG_3921IMG_3925

Chop Chop Grill House- Saturday 3rd June

Chop Chop Grill House is a Brazilian Steak House and Grill that opened up last month. It’s in town, along Herbert Chitepo and Fife Avenue. Now first of all I have to say this place lived up to its name. I don’t know if that’s why the owners chose that name but the service really was “chop-chop”. We were seated, “menu’d”, and served within 30 minutes of our arrival. I have to commend the servers and chefs because it was a refreshing change of pace.

I ordered the Chop Chop signature burger and let me tell you how this burger made me wish I was immortal so I could have endless time with it. Listen. It was a regular burger with cheddar cheese and caramelised onions, nothing extraordinary but wow. Yassss Burger yass! I also like how the Chop Chop menu offers a balance of dishes but isn’t overwhelming (see menu pics below). They have nailed the perfect size of a menu with enough dishes to keep you coming but not too many that you can never find anything you want. We ordered the Chop Chop burger ($10) and my person had the Salami pizza ($7) which he may have fallen in love with. I’m not sure if I’m still his favourite thing to snack on after he had that pizza. I’ll check and let you know.


Thank you for reading Weekends with Phro! If you have any events, restaurants, or places of interest you’d like me to try out let me know and I’ll check it out. I’ll gladly be your guinea pig!



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