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30 Day Blogging Challenge : DAY 6 – What Are You Afraid Of?

What am I afraid of you ask?

  1. Ants. So tiny but so capable. So organised. So frightening.
  2. Minions. Not the ones in the movies. Grown ass minion mascots/costumes freak me out.
    Behold. A Monster. Source:

    2.1 Actually all them full grown Disney characters can stay the hell away from me too.

  3. Small spaces
  4. Not getting pregnant.
  5. Not living my life as authentically me as possible. I have so much more me to be.
  6. Being famous. The horror.
  7. Social situations. How do people even make friends?
  8. Dementia. I just love my brain so much.

  9. A loved one dying.
  10. Not being in control.
  11. Being wrong.
  12. MEN!
  13. Being trapped underwater. Not the same as drowning. I think submarines are terrifying.
  14. Heights. I recently walked across the Victoria Falls bridge, so I’m working on it.

    I conquered this bad bitch.
  15. Falling asleep and never waking up.
  16. Being poor.
  17. Throwing stuff away that I might, possibly, maybe, potentially need one day in the distant future.
  18. Armageddon… Sounds dramatic AF.
  19. Not being good at something. If I think I might suck at something I’d rather not try it. Or I’ll try it in secret.
  20. Losing my front teeth. Listen. No
  21. Getting stuck in my clothes forever. Don’t look at me like that you know exactly what I mean!
  22. The word moist. EW.

    *Insert that quote about your greatest fear being that you’re powerful beyond measure*  (A lie if you ask me.)

    *Insert obligatory motivation about not letting your fears hold you back*


But for real, Live out loud. Conquer what you can. Face some of your fears. Dance with that minion (just don’t ask me to join you). Cross that bridge. Learn to trust yourself. You’ll be okay.



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