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30 Day Blogging Challenge:DAY 2- 20 Facts About Yourself

20 Facts about me. Here goes.

  1. I’m really short but Im in good shape. This shape to be exact.

    An actual representation of me. Image credit: Geoff Robinson
  2. I’m impatient. As a child, I was convinced I wouldn’t live past 25. So I would get really annoyed by anyone who kept me waiting or wasted my time because I didn’t have that much time to live dammit! I made it passed 25 but I am still as impatient as ever.
  3. I’m really resourceful and I owe it all to my laziness. I am so lazy that I have become the master of doing the most with the least effort.
  4. I love avocados.

    ‘Nuff Said. Image Credit: Andrea Giancoli
  5. I love traveling and eating new things.
  6. I really love eating. Its not just about the food, which is amazing. Eating in itself is an experience I fux with deeply.
  7. I struggle with watching new shows because it feels like I’m making a commitment to the characters and if I stop watching I will let them down.
  8. I have extreme phone call anxiety. If I absolutely have to call someone I need hours to prepare a script with all possible conversation contingency plans in case it all goes to heck.
  9. I don’t really know how to make friends.
  10. Im really bad with numbers. Math is a demon language and I can’t tell time. Who needs analog clocks anyway?
  11. I have a strong lisp.
  12. My second toe is longer than my big toe.
  13. Purple is the best colour to ever exist and I love it.
  14. I think social norms are weird. We perform social rituals and conventions without knowing why they were created, when, and by who. We follow traditions we had no say in creating. Why?
  15. I dropped out of college twice because I felt I wasn’t being challenged enough.
  16. I cry when I laugh and even when I smile really hard or giggle.
  17. I smile whenever I find myself in an awkward situation with people. And I smile really hard if the awkward situation drags on. Refer to the previous point and you’ll see where I am going with this.
  18. I am the middle child in every way possible. Im the 3rd child of 5. I have two sisters and two brothers; one older and one younger sister, and one older and one younger brother. Middle child syndrome is very real. I got ignored a lot. The upside is I got to use my invisibility to fight crime and steal fries.
  19. I think my feet shrink and grow again at least twice a year. Is that a thing?
  20. I can move the bones in my wrist. Well Im not sure if they are bones. But the area labelled as “flexor tendons” in my wrists moves around. I haven’t met anyone else who can do this so if my current career doesn’t pan out Im headed to the circus. icm002_f05_LThere you have it folks! Join me again tomorrow for day three of the Blogging Challenge.


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