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30 Day Blogging Challenge: DAY 1- My Blog’s Name

I’m in the mood to try something new so here goes!

Blog habits


I’ve seen blogging challenges like this all over the interwebs and I’ve never felt like trying them. Partly because its a commitment I am too lazy for and also because I am a bit full of myself and prefer waiting for a brilliant blog idea. Unfortunately my brilliant ideas aren’t my biggest fans so they go on regular vacations without so much as sending a politely-worded postcard. So here I am trying a challenge because apparently to be a blogger you have to blog quite often. Who knew.MY NAME ISDAY ONE: Your Blog Name

This is an easy one. “Phroetiq” started off as my Twitter handle. There was no brainstorming behind it. There is no profound meaning or story to explain it. I like poetry and afro hair and so I combined the two words and added a little spice and “Phroetiq” was born. A few people misread the name as “Poetic” or “Prophetic”. I am neither a poet nor a prophet although I could rock the socks off of a well-groomed beard (all prophets have those right?).

Eventually “Phroetiq” evolved into a platform I use to speak on issues that matter the most to me; particularly women’s rights and safety. For the sake of uniformity and recognition, I decided to use the same username on all my social media platforms-including this site.

So there you have it. I’l be back tomorrow with Day 2: 20 Facts About Me. Im excited already.



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