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Valentine’s Dinner at Wild Geese Lodge

I know what you’re thinking; you’re sick of hearing about Valentines. But you are reading this so are you really? Aw look at you, you softy.

I kid. I completely understand how valentines can feel a bit suffocating. Its not something I often write or speak about but I’m making an exception. My person and I had our valentines dinner  at Wild Geese Lodge in Harare and it was such a remarkable occasion that I had to post a quick review.

We arrived at 5:30pm and we were served with very pink zesty cocktails. The ladies were given complimentary scented soaps which was cute and thoughtful.


While we waited we watched the most spirited Marimba playing entertainers I have ever come across. They were a treat! I also got my face painted because I am an adult and I can.

The decor was heartwarming, cosy, creative and much more. It was elegant but with a rustic, homespun vibe rooted in an overall African theme.

As the night went on we were serenaded by the soulful and spellbinding voice of Josh Ansley. Josh covered old classics including my personal favourite “Amore” by Dean Martin, as well as contemporary hits from Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran and the like. I didn’t get a good photo of him so enjoy this shaky unprofessional video instead.


And finally, the best part of any event, well for me: the food. I need a moment of silence to show respect to how good the food was…….

I’m back.

This is the menu that the lovely folks at Wild Geese put together for us. I got so lost in the flavour of every element of the four course meal that I forgot to take photos of the 2nd to 4th course. It was that good.

Starter Platter to share:
Chicken liver pâté, dukkah, carrot & white bean pâté, beetroot & feta hummus
Bread sticks, pita bread & Melba toast

Baobab Sorbet

Main Course to share:
Harissa-rubbed baby chicken with Mozambican peri-peri sauce &
Chili & oregano beef filled with monkey gland sauce. Served with: Roast-vegetable couscous, sweet-potato bake, baby carrot & couscous salad, baby potato & sour cream salad

Dessert Choices:

Dark chocolate & salted-caramel tart with home-made gelato
or a cheese platter

(Kindly use your imagination to picture the rest)

I know menus can sound pretentious and sometimes you get a whole lot of words masking subpar food but everything on this menu was delicious and I wanted to hug the chef. But thats weird… right?

have_you_hugged_your_chef_female_card-r931cb6c47a26405b903018c847dfeefd_xvuak_8byvr_324So that was our valentines dinner. Thank you to Wild Geese Lodge for treating us to an impeccably detailed, thoughtful and exquisite evening. If they throw another dinner next year, you know where I’ll be!





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