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Adulthood: You bitch.

At what point in your life did you realise you’re finally an adult?

Adulting is a bitch. At times its silly, like days when I want my mom to make my dentist appointments or when I want her to explain to the doctor what’s wrong with me. Then there times when adulting is overwhelming such as a death in the family and there’s no one else around to organise the funeral but you. Sometimes adulting is downright terrifying when the name on all those bills is yours. And sometimes adulting is annoying like when you have to be the bigger person,  or take the high road, or forgive someone who will never apologize…

A few days ago I was making plans to meet up with my best friend. She had been away for a month and during that month I barely got to talk to her. So much happened to and for the both of us during that month. Life-changing things. And all we both wanted was a day to meet and tell each other everything.  We talked for 20 minutes,  back and forth, trying to find even just a couple of hours that were good for both of us. Monday? No she had meetings all day. Wednesday? No I have meetings on Wednesday. Breakfast on Friday morning? No,  doctor’s appointment. Our conversation went on like this until eventually we changed the subject…

This has happened before, clashing schedules and life getting in the way. But it hit me this particular time that this was adulting. This is the subtle but real change that comes with growing older. There were times when we could see each other at the drop of the hat. The days of  “Hi where are you? Okay I’m coming over” are gone. The days of let’s go grab a glass of wine right now are over. And that’s adulthood. Its losing your free time because every minute of your day belongs to something (or someone, side-eye employment).

Adulting is not always the big things, although they are real and terrifying. Its also the quiet changes. Its the unfortunate but inevitable practice of losing contact with friends, or having to work much harder to keep up with them. Its your parents still wanting to control you but at the same time wanting you to “grow up”. Its when the medication in your parent’s medicine cabinet seems to multiply. Adulting is when you accept that there’s no other adultier adult to do the things you dont want to. Adulting is when you realise your options are more limited; because yes, you HAVE to do that thing. Adulting is using any spare moment to take a nap, or laying in bed trying to catch a break. Adulting is how somehow you just never have enough time. Adulting is a bitch.

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