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They said I’m too soft. I live with my heart on the outside. I’m made of flowers dripping with honey. The scent of newborn babies lifts my spirit. Strangers in love tug on my heart strings. I want to hug everyone, I kid you not. I cry, a lot.

I. Feel. Everything.

They told me I’m too needy. Because when they say they need warmth, i’ll set fire to myself. When they call for my strength i’ll be their warrior. When they ask for a cheerleader, my dreams die to cheer theirs on. They told me I’m too needy because I need to be needed. Too needy for wanting to be needed.

Listen. He told me I’m too emotional. Man, you don’t know the half. Man, I have lush and never ending forests of love to give you. Man, I have mystery, courage and fire engraved in my DNA to fight for you. Man, I have stars in my eyes, stories in my melanin, and flowers in my throat. Man. Emotion is how I tell you that I am complete but you make me better. Emotions are my smoke signals to show you the love that burns through my bones, for you. Emotion is my language. How can it ever be too much.

Too emotional. Too soft. Too needy.

Im alive in a world that wants me to be rough, cold, unfeeling, cruel. Im alive in a world that is sick of my tears, because they betray my weakness. Im alive in a world that wants me to hate. A world that questions kindness, ridicules love and criticises emotion.
I will love hard in rebellion. I will rub my wounds with forgiveness and get up ready to love harder. This world will not make me what it wants to be.

And you, man, you will drink up my emotion and it will soften you. You will give me back in equal measure what I give to you. Because I am never too much, never too little, I am enough.

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