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With You 

With you. 
With you everything is easy. Laughing is easy. Conversation is easy. You are the thing I never knew I needed. You are my happy place. You fit me in a way I never knew was possible. I never thought God could love me enough to create a being in His image that was perfect for me. You are my heart’s distress. You are my deepest want. You are the very thing I never could admit I was missing in my life. I love your laugh. I love the way you walk. Your dancing is foolish but I love to see you move. You are him. The him that I want to tell my friends about. The him that falls asleep on my chest because he’s never felt safer. You are the him that makes my cravings insatiable. You are the him I would give my last name to. You are the man that made me give up my loyalty to loneliness. You are the man that gave me hope. 

So tell me. 

Tell me why I can’t be with you. Tell me why I’ve been with others that did nothing but taint me and yet I can’t have the one that was made for me. Tell me why they got to dig into my flesh and pull out the best parts of me and yet the one I want to give my all to is the one I can’t have. Tell me about this cruel joke that love is. Tell me why we’re compatible and yet we can never fit into my perfect love story. 

I hate this.

 I hate this because you are it. I hate this because I let myself fall and I fell so hard and so fast. Only to be denied the only thing I’ve wanted in a long time. I hate this because giving my number out to random guys doesn’t satisfy me anymore because you exist. Because you’re the him that should have access to me 24/7. So tell me, please, tell me why did I ever meet you if I was never meant to have you?

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