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Zambia Fashion Week 2015

As far as fashion weeks go, Zambia Fashion Week was one hell of a show. With over 50 designers, upcoming and established, there was a nonstop display of stunning creativity. Frankly, I did not know what to expect as I collected my media pass, but this show exceeded any expectations I could have had. As you can imagine, with more than 50 designers, it is impossible to comment on every label. It was a struggle to pick favourites, I’ll probably change my mind again as I write this. But nevertheless, let’s dive into some unforgettable designs.

I have to begin with this avante garde collection by Debbie Chu called “The Oracle of the Honeybee”. Debbie’s collection made me think “WTF?” and that is good! It was outstanding,  it was nuts, and it caught and kept your attention. I also loved the asymmetrical lines in her outfits, they were as unpredictable as she is. Debbie quickly became one of my favorite Zambian designers and I’ll be stalking following her closely.


12087670_863728407074537_5704707073212885412_o 11224139_863728437074534_5632686257916464335_o 12138518_863728573741187_5612716138750159031_o

Debbie Chu standing there all fearless. I lived!
Debbie Chu standing there looking all kinds fearless. I lived!

Next up is a collection called “Bloom’ by Lupupa Kabezya-Lewis.This collection features African elements embedded in a classy 50’s vintage twist. My favorite thing about “Bloom” is it was created for full figured women, something that is often missing in high fashion. This collection had the crowd on their feet in what was the warmest moment of the entire show.

10286780_865970503516994_6106544256056151411_o 10380086_865971490183562_7758798427781993285_o 11224826_865970940183617_3281731187695735179_o 12031366_865971336850244_1555850544394168960_o 12032781_865969910183720_8990587442930793923_o 12052558_865969313517113_310915917754884432_o 12052590_865968913517153_2975516315164542707_o wpid-photogrid_1445244127995

Kasonde Nkole’s collection was a favourite for me because of the colours and her clever use of fabric. Her designs popped up and lit the runway. I would also wear each of the designs she created and that includes her men’s wear too!

10661742_865968720183839_8705502782696587763_o 11163975_865967816850596_8951721319548330921_n 11952773_865968186850559_7290482074723983816_o  12038905_865968646850513_806668031688306754_o 12105794_865968476850530_3815601860321155252_n 12112216_865967683517276_3215422217890717249_n

12132515_865968423517202_2848707443803598050_o 12034399_865968416850536_5315069863827343610_o

Last but definitely not the least is Chikondi Mwanza. I loved this collection not just because of the colours again but this designer’s attention to detail stood out. It was the extra bit of fabric here and the sharp cut over there and the carefully placed straps that made me remember her collection. The blazer on the last model made me want to cry!

1530311_865964936850884_3503550547400416302_n 10945834_865964596850918_2935445727216515547_o 10953028_865965273517517_5826014797933318987_o 11080840_865965396850838_3800639997103289555_o 12027325_865965400184171_2236907215645607267_o  12105726_865964986850879_5405305007624696309_n 12112307_865964683517576_5667593710984941114_n 12144851_865964693517575_3004861267283135829_n12118894_865965056850872_4215649800439661207_n

These are a few looks from different collections that I liked as well.

Betty Bulongo

12105828_864729063641138_2812492408234400139_n 12115986_864729530307758_4716453453450011036_n11249705_864729890307722_2134692247296748157_n

Mo Creations by Charity Nyirongo

11218991_865127743601270_6718141144548553923_n 12032890_865131376934240_3861487050487096563_o 12140991_865127370267974_6269584381157823946_o

Naomi Phiri

11226081_864005313713513_3111037847387996020_o 12080228_864003970380314_7267652803581446896_o 12096002_864002350380476_8263831318389017807_n

Mwenge Kapumpa

12079917_863848680395843_7599704412618374718_o 12088594_863848350395876_7539721331620387483_n 12122649_863848343729210_6594591831587259480_n

There you have it folks. This is just a sneak peek into what was truly an event to remember. There were a few hiccups and a few delays but overall it was a successfully organised event. The venue and decor were gorgeous, and the organizers and staff were very friendly and helpful. You’ll hear quite a few people say that they find fashion shows or fashion events pretentious, this one was a party. We had fun, we were entertained, and we were amazed.

NB: All the photos in this post were brilliantly done by Fortress Media. Please head over there to see all the collections that I could not squeeze into here. 

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