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Zimbabwe Fashion Week

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Zimbabwe Fashion Week. It was a new and fun experience for me as I had never attended a fashion event of this magnitude. I must say I was a tad starstruck by all the shiny, pretty, fancy things. Check out my full review of fashion week posted on Dynamic Africa. Meanwhile here are a few photos of some of my favorite collections. Enjoy!

David Alford’s The Rebirth,” Spring/ Summer 2016 collection
Photo Credit:Tnash Photography

This collection for me was the most outstanding. Coupled with the Zombie-like make up, it made a statement as fashion is meant to do. I love.



“Kwedu” by Designer Sibu Chindove. Photo Credit: Tnash Photography

I loved this collection because these are outfits I would wear. All of them. Sometimes fashion can be intimidating and exclusionary, outfits that I can relate to are a big plus for me.

11947456_1011956525521980_84700886459310692_n 11951812_1011956685521964_5107040190787992284_n 11954587_1011956452188654_7056887034892778764_n  11986533_1011956572188642_9119594051709481000_n 11990475_1011956662188633_7087783676700905149_n  11998830_1011956628855303_7650674000817758442_n

Armur- Bespoke by Phillip T. Marafu Photo Credit: Tnash Photography

Oh my glob. Phillip  is doing the Lord’s work with these suits. I have him on speed dial for the day when my wallet allows me to flourish.

11217563_1017085058342460_889716546489998407_n 11986548_1017084615009171_3724755469212709473_n 12002270_1017084821675817_5862473871180883677_n 12003279_1017084691675830_283388764076941212_n  12004949_1017085008342465_5177456418872741186_n 12006137_1017084651675834_5759612251478431050_n

Obyniq by O’Brien Methuselah. Photo Credit:Tnash Photography

Because when Jesus says yes, who am I to say no? I posted this collection purely for thirst reasons. You’re welcome.
 11990413_1017081978342768_2414919161456412033_n 12002806_1017081915009441_3067583392325080989_n  12004074_1017082268342739_2045052817014111723_n 12004086_1017082461676053_4215009679795651170_n 12009692_1017082485009384_4745326799103074308_n

To view all the photos from Zimbabwe week hop on over to TNASH Photography website.

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