Its been a long time since I have desired time to stand still

to pause

In that one moment when I have grasped that broken fragment of heaven

that is your smile

But the beauty of beauty is that it is fleeting, doomed by time


to lay hold of it is to destroy it

And I have asked for the impossible

to have it forever

How ridiculous.

I have asked for magic

have I been too optimistic?

Perhaps I am naive

to want these fairy tales that I weave

in a world were dreams must be broken

or never dreamt at all.

In a world of ceaseless novelties

I have wanted love that says “I love” and never changes,

a heart that knows what it wants, and never doubts


I have wanted things that I musn’t

perhaps its human nature

to want those things, too fast, too sweet for us

beautiful dangers.

I have wanted to take off this facade,

and let him see me, private, my intimate, my fragile,

fleeting and doomed by time

as I, in my mortal, promise him forever.

I wager

he is a more potent form of kryptonite,

eager to destroy the love he helped create

he rubs my cheek with the back of his hand,

‘no babe, not forever’ he says,

“now is all we have’.

And so I wish I could trap this “now”, in an hourglass,

and keep it, at least till death do us part.

How I wish he could love me for me

How I wish I was enough

I know, Ridiculous.

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