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Yes, I know I’m unemployed.

Unemployment is tough, and sometimes you don’t even want to get out of bed. But get up anyway, brush your teeth, then go back to sleep.

But truly, unemployment is a mindfcuk. There’s a level of psychological trauma that comes with it. You see people your age, or younger, growing more and more successful and you think what is wrong with me? This is after you did everything right. You paid attention in school. Your grades are above average. You did all the internships but still. And then there’s the issue of being entitled. Why am I entitled for wanting a job that is worthy of the degree I suffered for? Is that wrong?

We’re conditioned to work hard for this shiny awesome job we’ll get, then suddenly we’re entitled for wanting it. You grow up in a society that made you expect certain things from a young age and then you get chastised when you’re mad you didn’t get them. You’re left out in the cold with no direction and then they scream at you saying ” just create a job, make something out of nothing”. And you’re made to feel stupid because you don’t have ideas. You can’t think of anyway to create this job or start this business. You didn’t train me to be an entrepreneur. You didn’t train me to be an “idea person”. But suddenly you want me to be a successful one. How?

A little bit of sensitivity would be nice. Instead of making me feel guilty or worthless because I haven’t “created” my own job.

I want people to understand the trauma of unemployment and see how condescending they can be. What if all I want is a stable 9-5 job? Why is that not enough? We’re trained to be employees then ridiculed for being content with it.

If you want a generation of entrepreneurs, stop grooming people to be employees from a young age. Stop grooming people to expect jobs and to believe in the glory of capitalism if the economic climate can’t deliver.

I am unemployed, I have no capital. Even if I did, I have no money-making ideas. I feel bad enough. I don’t need you to make me feel worse.

3 thoughts on “Yes, I know I’m unemployed.

  1. Employed people speak from a position of privilege. They believe they are employed because they are special. They forget that its a combination of luck & being at the right place at the right timeand not all of us can be entrepreneurs. Hang in there. Your time will come.


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