The Other Girl

Unofficial…untitled…The unofficial girl

Well, maybe not untitled. They have names for what I do; they have names for what I am.

Mis·tress n. (mĭs′trĭs) – “a long term female lover without the constraints of marriage”.
Also defined as a woman of authority, control, power… How ironic.

“Side-chick, side-piece, homewrecker”. How crude.

Do you ever see it from my side? I’m misunderstood.

I’m the one he will need February 1-13 , but who will inevitably spend Valentine’s alone.

I’m the one that puts up with the shit that you won’t deal with.

I’m the one he comes rest.. from your shit.
I’m one level above a “jump off” or the shame filled “booty call”.
I’m more than a dial-an-orgasm service but still a step below wifey.

I accept my labels because I know my place. I will be whoever he wants me to be.

I give him a taste of the best of both worlds. I am the other girl.

After he leaves his scent on our sex stained sheets, I imagine him and her.

Yes, her…Ms. everything I can never be.
She is portrait type flawless. Never an eyelash out of place.
The curve of her back, the click of her heels, the flick of her hair.
She is the art of perfection. The beautiful distress of mathematics.

And she is…all yours.

And yet…here you are. I’ll tell you why.
I give you a taste of the best of both worlds. The 20 to your 80.
I say the right words…in the right way..
I’m your escape from her Heaven, to a more sinful paradise.
It’s the way my smile shows a wicked innocence.
It’s the way I wrap my leg, my fingers, even my thoughts, around yours.
It’s the way I know what moves you hate. And what moves you can’t live without.
It’s funny when you whisper sweet promises of her being replaced. Empty promises of my promotion.
Its funny because I could never be her. Because if I was her, you would go searching for

So here I am, with my twisted logic, my morning after pills, my deleted phone call history.

Here I am.  A side chick, a mistress, a homewrecker. A sinner with no remorse.
Unofficial…somewhat titled…here I’ll remain. The other girl

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