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I’ve never understood why men refer to women as the weaker sex just because we are emotional. It takes guts to show emotion. It takes guts to stand in front of people who you know will never understand and just spill.Bleed.. Raw, unfiltered,gut-wrenching emotion. Even when you know that when you’re done, to them it will just be bubblegum. It will be something they chewed for a while then spat it out cause they did not understand. They forget. They pity you. They say you should be stronger,they tell you what you should feel,they tell you what you should let out and what you should keep to yourself. They tell you that you should change,and become someone they can handle,because no one wants to deal with your mess.

Tell me again that women are the weaker sex. We are constantly adapting to become whatever we are asked. A friend, a wife, a mother. We are always being told when to care less, or when to care more. We’re always told we are too much. Tomorrow we’re too little. You tell us we are weak just because we feel. I say we’re strong because we allow ourselves to feel. You don’t. So look at yourself now. Whose weak?

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