Love. The soul of a genius
I bleed love at your feet
Take it. Reject it. I still give it
I guess I am the stupidest genius

Comparison. The thief of joy
I was not forgotten. I was replaced
The list of others grew longer
The thief claimed his prize

I rolled in the deep
I melted my heart to stone
I expected gold from my coal
I choked on my own wishful thinking

No I’m not the broken-hearted girl
Although I do play that role well
I put all my eggs in one basket
And today I’m sweeping shells

I was seduced by love
Its torn promises were my nectar
Broken strands of my dreams
Lay scattered on your floor

I pawned off damn near everything
In hope of getting all this right
I”m here talking to a voice that doesn’t exist
Genius or insanity,pick one if you insist

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