House of glass.don’t throw stones.
Eggshells.watch your step.
Waterfalls.don’t chase after them.
Rainbows and imaginary pots of gold
A rainbows end?where does that exist?
Illusions created to stretch false hope.
Illuminated tunnels’ end,the victory of a
well-earned rest.
All in time to induce labour of a brand new
Cycles of lies,wounded wings.Cut me off.
If I live by hope,spoonfed by lies.cut me off.
If I must die to live with no hope,let me
breathe my last.
I welcome the blindness,embrace the
I call it my anesthesia.
I drink in the apathy
Massage the dullness
Inhale insensibility
Exhale insensitivity
Accept the paralysis
Salute stupefaction
Float away in my hypnosis
Because the truth isn’t black and white
Our emotions and feelings are overrated
And between you and I
Happy endings only exist in movie credits



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